The Shoe Factory - The Daily Gleaner - August 8, 1899

The Shoe Factory - The Daily Gleaner - August 8, 1899

Work at the shoe factory is now going on steadily and regularly and very soon a full line of shoes bearing the trademark of the Hartt Boot & Shoe Co. will be upon the market and will be worn with commendable pride.
February 21, 2022 — Andrew Bedford
Hartt Carleton boot with saphir shoe care products

Leather Shoe Care - Protecting from Moisture

While Hartt’s leather footwear is built with premium materials and exceptional quality construction methods it’s important to take steps to protect them from natural elements. The winter and spring months can be particularly damaging due to the increased exposure to moisture. Protecting your footwear using the right products and accessories is sure to keep your shoes looking their finest. 
May 20, 2021 — Adriana Spragg
Breaking In Your Leather Dress Shoes

Breaking In Your Leather Dress Shoes

Purchasing a new pair of leather dress shoes or boots is always an exciting experience. It’s probably tempting to want to put them on and start wearing them as soon as you get them out of the box. However, breaking in your leather footwear correctly is an important first step. Taking the following steps during the break-in process will help your shoes or boots fit more comfortably while helping preserve their appearance and longevity.
February 18, 2021 — Adriana Spragg
The Importance of Cedar Shoe Trees

The Importance of Cedar Shoe Trees

When owning a pair of premium leather dress shoes or boots, it’s really important to treat them with care. The value of a quality shoe lies in its longevity which is best preserved with consistent and correct care. At Hartt, we offer a wide variety of shoe care products and accessories, which we recommend to any leather shoe owner. A pair of shoe trees is perhaps the most important accessory you can have.
February 18, 2021 — Adriana Spragg
Hartt Bedford boot with Saphir Creams

Leather Shoe Care - Cream vs. Wax Polish

Caring for your premium leather dress shoes is key to maintaining their longevity and classic style. A quality pair of Goodyear welted dress shoes requires careful conditioning, cleaning, and polishing for the best results. At Hartt, we offer the finest shoe care products from the world-renowned Saphir Medaille d’Or line. Learning about their line of smooth leather cream polishes and wax will help you take the best care of your footwear. 

January 26, 2021 — Adriana Spragg
Brown Hartt Leather Shoe with Saphir Shoe Care Cream

Your Complete Guide to Hartt Shoe Care

For over 122 years the Hartt Shoe Company has strived to create the finest quality leather shoes and boots. Each of Hartt’s Canadian dress shoes is painstakingly crafted to deliver exceptional style and durability to their owners. Our Goodyear welt design will last for years, if they are well cared for and treated with respect. Following these wear and care guidelines will keep your Hartt dress shoes and boots looking their very best, and ensure they last for years to come.
January 14, 2021 — Adriana Spragg
Hartt Shoe Box with Christmas decoration

The Hartt Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is just around the corner and choosing the perfect presents is on everyone’s minds. Hartt’s selection of Canadian dress shoes and boots made with premium materials and craftsmanship make fantastic gifts. Moreover, choose from a large selection of shoe care products from the world-renowned Saphir line, an ideal gift for any shoe-lover! 
December 11, 2020 — Adriana Spragg
Black Carleton - Chelsea Boot

Men’s Lookbook: A Guide to Styling Boots during Canadian Winters

As the weather transitions to the cold and damp climates of fall and winter, a quality dress boot becomes a must-have in your wardrobe. While similarly versatile to oxfords or derbies, dress boots offer added protection for the colder months. Our Men’s heritage boots come in a variety of styles ranging from formal to casual. Learning to match different boot styles to the occasion is a key part of maintaining a stylish look for every event.
December 07, 2020 — Andrew Bedford
Hartt Director York and Brunswick Oxfords brown leather

Styling Your Dress Shoes: A Guide to Different Leathers

Quality men’s footwear has traditionally been crafted from one material, leather. While the majority of men’s dress shoes and boots are still made from leather, there are a variety of different materials that have become increasingly popular in shoemaking. Knowing how and when to wear shoes made from different materials is key to maintaining a stylish look for every event. This guide will help you do just that.
November 25, 2020 — Adriana Spragg
Saphir Renovateur

Why Saphir Renovateur Needs to be in your Leather Shoe Care Regimen 

Saphir is a premium company awarded for their unmatched range of leather care products. Saphir Renovateur, otherwise known as “Liquid Gold”, stands out in their ranging product line.
May 26, 2020 — Adriana Spragg
How to: Match Your Leather Belts and Dress Shoes

How to: Match Your Leather Belts and Dress Shoes

When it comes to matching your dress shoes and belts, there are rules that you should abide by, and then there are rules you can consider bending. With the right combination of technicality and personal flair, you can achieve a well rounded, stylish outfit. 
April 17, 2020 — Adriana Spragg
How to: Match Your Metal & Leather Accessories

How to: Match Your Metal & Leather Accessories

It’s easy to go overboard when matching leather and metal accessories. These two materials are common in shoes, jackets, belts, watches, wallets and more. 

Here are a few tips to help you create a sophisticated-yet-effortless outfit.

March 27, 2020 — Adriana Spragg