For over 122 years the Hartt Shoe Company has strived to create the finest quality leather shoes and boots. Each of Hartt’s Canadian dress shoes are painstakingly crafted to deliver exceptional style and durability to their owners. Our Goodyear welt design will last for years, if they are well cared for and treated with respect. Following these wear and care guidelines will keep your Hartt dress shoes and boots looking their very best, and ensure they last for years to come. 

Wearing your Hartt Shoes

While Hartt’s Canadian dress shoes and heritage boots are designed to be worn regularly and still last for years, it’s best to take some care with how and where you wear them. In particular, the wet conditions of fall, winter and spring can be damaging to your leather shoes. Rain, snow, ice, and salt can all reduce the shoe's lifespan.

There is no better protection from the winter weather than a pair of SWIMS galoshes. They offer superior preservation for your shoes while their sleek design means you won’t be sacrificing style. For added waterproofing, Saphir Creme De Luxe is an excellent product as it nourishes and recolours your leather shoes while protecting them from moisture. Taking care of your shoes for outdoor wear is the best way to maintain their appearance and quality.

Storing your Hartt Shoes

While it is tempting to kick off your shoes or boots after a long day, we encourage you to take a few simple steps to store them correctly until their next use. If they have gotten wet, a good practice is to pat them dry with a towel to remove any excess moisture. Hartt’s premium cedar shoe trees are also a must-have for storing your footwear. Inserting them after wear will maintain the shape of your shoes, and their raw cedar finish wicks away any moisture from inside. For travel or long-term storage, insert shoe trees and place your shoes inside the silk-lined bags that come with every pair of Hartt dress shoes or heritage boots. This will hold the shape of the shoes while protecting them from moisture, scuffs, and scratches.

Caring for your Hartt Shoes

The biggest key to maintaining both the appearance and longevity of your Canadian dress shoes or dress boots is taking good care of their leather. Hartt’s shoes and heritage boots are primarily made from premium calfskin, a naturally sourced material that requires nourishment and polishing to maintain its smooth and supple qualities. In addition, consistent polishing protects the leather from moisture, increasing its longevity. For the finest shoe and leather care products, look no further than Saphir. Saphir’s all-natural creams and polishes provide the best nourishment and protection for your leather shoes and boots.

Hartt recommends using the following products for your shoe care routine. 

  • Saphir Renovateur - Saphir’s top-rated product, Renovateur, is a must-have for good leather shoe care. Before applying any cream or polish, apply a coat of Renovateur with a cloth to clean and nourish the leather and help remove blemishes. Using Renovateur regularly ensures your leather dress shoes remain clean and supple, prolonging their lifespan. 
  • Saphir Cream - Saphir Médaille d’Or Pommadier Cream Shoe Polish is another essential product to keep your shoes and boots looking their best. Its natural ingredients adds colour to the leather and nourishes it, keeping it soft and smooth. Shoe cream should be used on your footwear at least once a month, or every two weeks if they are worn heavily. Use a cloth to lightly apply one to two coats of shoe cream, allow a few minutes for the cream to dry, the simply buff with a shoe-shine brush for a smart shine. 
  • Saphir Polish - Saphir Médaille d'Or Pâte de Luxe polish is another essential product for the best care of your shoes and boots. Formulated from all-natural waxes, Saphir polish gives an unbeatable high-gloss finish to your dress shoes and helps protect them from moisture. Apply to the toe boxes and heels at least once a month, and buff with a horsehair brush to bring out a glossy shine. It’s best to avoid more than one or two coats of wax polish to the vamp or sides of your footwear as their movement during wear can crack the wax coating leaving a residue behind. 
  • Additional Products - The three Saphir products listed above work incredibly well when paired with some additional products. Apply some Saphir Mirror Gloss, to achieve a perfect mirror shine. Saphir Renomat is a quality cleaning product for smooth leathers and should be used every few months to remove any old wax or grease from your footwear. Saphir Omni’nettoyant is a premier product for cleaning and removing stains from suede, nubuck, and textiles and would be a smart purchase with a pair of Chocolate Aberdeen Loafers. Finally, if you own a pair of Cordovan shoes or boots, Saphir’s Cordovan Polishes are a must-have for their ability to nourish and protect its unique properties. Taking some time to care for your leather dress shoes with the finest products is sure to keep your shoes and boots looking brand new for years to come.

Replacing your Laces

While Hartt’s Canadian shoes and boots are designed to last for years, the laces will wear out over time. Frayed or broken laces detract significantly from the appearance of your footwear. Keep an eye on your laces and replace them when they begin to wear, to keep your shoes looking smart. If you wear your shoes in primarily casual situations, try exchanging your laces for different colours for a unique look. 

We believe that premium goodyear welted shoes are a valuable investment. Your shoes will require care and attention to maintain their longevity. Taking the right steps to care for your shoes, and using premium products will keep them looking new for years.

Adriana Spragg