Customer Testimonials

Brown York Oxford - M. Ella 

I love my York Oxfords! They look great and their quality construction is evident immediately. Normally, I search out shoes from Britain. These Hartt's are as nice (or better) than the pair of Paul Smiths I own.

And I also appreciate that I can support a Canadian company. All too rare these days. I had placed an order for the York Oxfords first, but had forgotten to order a pair of shoe trees for them. The following day I ordered the trees, and later that day received an email from Hartt. They noticed I had 2 orders in the system and offered to ship them out together, refunding the shipping. It was such a nice gesture, and much appreciated too.

Brown York Oxford - Billings 

When I ordered my shoes in the wrong size, the Hartt team made it a breeze to get the right size. They actually made sure of it personally! I know I’ll be getting looks in my York Oxford’s for decades.

Pleased to be a part of #first100pair! Thank you and a job well done!

Black York Oxford - Mary Bartlet 

My boyfriend was elated to see these shoes were being made again. He finally retired his 1990 shoes when he got his new pair on Friday. Easy process to order them. Quality never goes out of style. Thank you again.

Black Beaverbrook - David C. 

I recently purchased a pair of Beaverbrook Oxford Hartt shoes for myself after purchasing some for my father as a gift some months ago. In the late 60's he bought a few pairs and they lasted on average 25 years and only style, rather than time, forced him to move away from wearing his Hartt shoes.

Upon receiving my first pair of Hartt shoes, I was pleasantly surprised with both the fit of and finish of the shoe as they seem very comfortable after wearing them in the house for a short time! Even though they are not broken in yet, I am sure this pair will last me 20+ years

Brown Westmorland Derby - Kevin MacDonald 

Ordered a pair of these after a great deal of research and I was very happy I purchased them. They are beautiful and very high quality. The smell of them is fantastic and I will have them the rest of my life. The sole is put together very interestingly, with the rubber insert and for Canada it makes perfect sense. They are very comfortable and I am so glad I purchased these!

Brown Brunswick - Kevin E. Melvin 

These shoes will most likely be my last as the quality is amazing! They are comfortable and make for a wonderful day at the office or night out. Boots are on my mind next...

Black Director - Adam H. 

Firstly, these shoes are amazing. The quality of the leather is incredible, and you can tell the work that has been put into making these shoes is top notch. The stitching is perfect, and the shoes fit the way they should. Of course slightly stiff out of the box, I look forward to breaking them in. They take a polish very well on the supple leather after conditioning with Saphir Renovateur. Comfortable insoles and the hand-carved outsole is beautiful.

Secondly, the customer service at Hartt is absolutely wonderful. After having a slight size issue with my original purchase (ordering a half size too big... my fault), the team at Hartt was amazingly responsive, and very helpful getting things sorted out and having a new pair in the correct size sent back to me quickly. My next pair of dress shoes will be Hartt’s without a doubt.

Black Montgomery Loafer - Karley H.

A couple of months ago my boyfriend had purchased a pair of the Director dress shoes in black, needless to say, he was absolutely in love with them. He is a pilot for Air Canada and LOVES to shine his shoes and he treats them like they are his pride and joy! That being said, at Christmas I bought him the loafers...he was one happy man. I rate this company and the customer service 5 stars! They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy.

Oxblood Brewer's Boot - Duncan Whitcomb 

Can't get over how versatile and resilient the Brewer's Boot is - Perfect all season long and casually elegant in any scenario... Easy to clean and also very functional against Newfoundland winter!

Fred Boot - Tyler McCready 

Broken in comfortably and still very stylish. A fantastic boot!

Country Calf Bedford Boot - Kevin Brown 

Great pair of boots and exceptional quality. I get compliments on them every time I wear them!