Goodyear Welted Construction

For over a century, Hartt has been synonymous with quality. Our craftsmanship has solidified our iconic reputation as "Canada's quality shoe". Over a hundred years ago, we were crafting first class military boots, followed by the same high quality standard for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Now, we use the same meticulous, 200+ step process to craft the best men's footwear, trusted by the most discerning customers.



The Process

Each Hartt shoe is handcrafted by some of the best shoemakers in the world. Every detail is attended to, from our use of full grain leather, to the sleek 270 goodyear welt construction. Designed with style and function in mind, Hartt shoes are built to last for years. When the time comes, we offer recrafting services that revive your well-worn shoes to almost-new standards.