Hartt Shoe Box with Christmas decoration

The holiday season is just around the corner and choosing the perfect present is on everyone’s mind. Hartt’s selection of Canadian dress shoes and boots, made with premium materials and craftsmanship, make fantastic gifts. Moreover, choose from a large selection of shoe care products from the world-renowned Saphir line, an ideal gift for any shoe-lover. We've compiled a helpful guide with styling suggestions to help you choose the perfect gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.

Hartt Director oxford brown leather dress shoe


We believe that a premium pair of Goodyear welted dress shoes is a great investment and a staple piece in your wardrobe. A pair of leather dress shoes might be as close as you can get to “a gift that keeps on giving”. With a bit of care, a pair of quality Canadian dress shoes may last for decades. Anyone would be delighted to receive a pair of these dress shoes.

There are a few things to consider before choosing the perfect pair of dress shoes or boots for your loved ones:


Goodyear welting is widely considered the finest way to make shoes and is often a hallmark of superior quality. Choosing a pair of Goodyear welted shoes is one of the best ways to ensure you make a quality purchase. Additionally, look for materials such as vegetable-tanned calfskin, or quality European suede as they are often used by premium shoemakers. Finally, if the shoes are described as handmade, you can likely count on their premium quality. Familiarizing yourself with the signs of a good quality dress shoe will help guide your gifting decision. 


Many people use their shoes as an expression of style. It’s important to consider this when buying a pair of dress shoes or boots as a gift. It’s wise to pick a pair of shoes or boots that matches the person's style and comfort level.

Here are a few styling tips to help you gift the right pair of shoes:

Formal vs. Casual

Be conscious of the persons style that you're buying for, do they wear more formal or casual attire? Consider the formality of their workplace and their social activities. Would a dress shoe or boot better suit their lifestyle?

    • For a formal workplace such as a bank or investment firm, a pair of oxford dress shoes is a great choice. The Beaverbrook and Director are classic oxfords, perfectly suited for formal fashion. For a slightly less traditional and formal look, the York and Brunswick oxfords make excellent options. The intricate brogueing on these styles brings an element of interest and personality to the shoes.
    • For everyday wear and a more casual style, opt for a pair of derbies. The Westmorland Derby is a perfect smart casual option while being a touch more versatile than an oxford.
    • As a general rule, choose a traditional cap-toe oxford for a formal style, a brogued oxford for a slightly more casual style, and a derby for a smart-casual and relaxed option.

Black vs. Brown

Choosing between black and brown shoes is another important consideration when gifting. Black is a classic choice, best suited for a formal outfit. Brown shoes are more versatile for formal and casual occasions.

Hartt Shadow Brewers boot black leather


A leather dress boot is a fantastic holiday gift, as they are well suited for the holiday season. Look for quality materials, such as European calfskin or suede, boots that have been handcrafted, and the all-important Goodyear welted construction.


Boots are less appropriate for the most formal occasions, but are a fashionable alternative for shoes complimenting most other styles.

    • A sleek pair of leather boots such as the Carleton Chelsea boot is great formal option. This boot can be dressed down for more casual occasions.
    • Brogued boots, such as the Bedford boot, is appropriate for similar occasions but offer a unique look to match different tastes.
    • The Ammo and Brewer’s boot are perfect for a relaxed look. They are well suited for casual attire and offer a rugged touch that stands the test of Canadian winters.
    • The rules of black and brown apply to boots as well, with black options being the best choices for formal occasions. Brown boots are the most versatile option.
Saphir shoe creams and shine brush


Saphir’s premium line of shoe and leather care products are widely considered the best in the world, making them fantastic gift for shoe-lovers.

  • Saphir’s flagship product, Renovateur, is world-renowned, and the Hartt team highly recommends it to anyone caring for fine leather footwear.
  • Saphir’s line of shoe creams and polishes are among the best in the world, offering unrivalled nourishment, repair, and protection for leather. They make great gifts on their own or with a new pair of premium shoes or boots.
  • Gifting a pair of cedar shoe trees is another great gifting option. They are simply a must-have to keep your dress shoes in prime condition for years.
  • SWIMS galoshes are a thoughtful gift for those who step foot in a variety of weather conditions. Made from natural rubber, they offer unbeatable protection from snow and rain, without sacrificing style.
  • Finally, every gentleman should have a matching, quality dress belt to pair with their shoes and boots. 

This quick guide to styling your shoes and boots will help you confidently choose a fantastic pair of Hartt shoes or boots to gift this holiday season. Shoe care products from our Saphir collection are great for gifting on their own, or even better, with a new pair of shoes!

Happy Holidays from the Hartt Team.

Adriana Spragg