Saphir is a premium company awarded for their unmatched range of leather care products. Saphir Renovateur, otherwise known as “Liquid Gold”, stands out in their ranging product line. It is one of the best selling shoe care products on the market and holds a world-class status by many leather care specialists from Paris, France all the way to Toronto, Canada. Here’s why you need to include Saphir Renovateur in your leather shoe care routine. 

#1: Saphir Products are All-Natural

Saphir proudly offers leather shoe products containing 100% natural ingredients. Saphir Renovateur in particular, is a water based formula made with mink oil and beeswax. We advise you avoid using shoe care products with harsh chemicals such as silicone or petroleum. Using the all-natural Saphir Renovating conditioner will avoid clogging the leather pores of your shoes, thus, promoting a longer life for your favorite pair of leather shoes.

#2: Saphir Renovateur is a Must-Have for Multi-Surface Conditioning

Although the Saphir Renovateur is just one product, it is truly a multi-purpose conditioner! Saphir Renovateur is safe to use on most smooth leathers such as calfskin, goat, crocodile, ostrich, crocodile and cordovan. This Saphir product is suitable for use on several leather goods, keep your leather dress shoes in their best shape with routine application of this product. Additionally, Saphir Renovateur is safe to use on your leather bags, jackets and even book covers. 

#3: Your Leather Shoes will be Rejuvenated After Just One Use of Saphir Renovateur

The hype in this product resides in its ability to bring life back to even the most worn out leather shoes. The Saphir Renovateur penetrates dirty shoes that are built up with polish, wax or silicons. The deep conditioning formula softens leather and opens clogged pores while providing nourishment. After just one use of this product you will notice a soft matte shine come through. Including Saphir Renovateur in your shoe care regimen is a key step in achieving brilliant shoe shine and keeping your leather shoes in mint condition. 

How to Use Saphir Renovateur 

As with all leather care products, start by testing the product on a small hidden area to prevent any reaction or discolouration.

  1. Begin with brushing off any excess dirt or dust from your shoes using a Saphir horsehair shoe brush.
  2. Apply the Saphir Renovateur to a polishing cloth and massage it in your leather shoes in a circular motion. A little goes a long way.
  3. Leave shoes to dry for three minutes. 
  4. Buff leather shoes using a horsehair brush or a wool cloth. Continue buffing until you reach your desired patina, or continue the shoe shine process with Saphir shoe polish.

Routinely use the Saphir renovating conditioner to keep your new leather shoes looking soft and supple. Alternatively, this product will bring life back to a pair of leather shoes that are decades old. Saphir Renovateur is the miracle working leather care product that you need! 

Adriana Spragg