How to: Style Leather Dress Shoes With Jeans

How to: Style Leather Dress Shoes With Jeans

After you invest in a nice pair of dress shoes, you want to show them off! Sport them on the streets, in the office, on date night and while running errands. Your favorite leather shoes don’t need to be stored away for special occasions; they can be easily paired with jeans for everyday use. 
March 27, 2020 — Adriana Spragg
Saphir shoe care products

Saphir Shoe Care Products: How to Achieve High Gloss Shine on Your Premium Leather Shoes

We’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to achieve the ultimate shoe shine. The secret to this comes down to using a series of high-quality Saphir Medaille d’Or leather care products, most importantly, the Saphir Mirror Gloss. Now, let’s get started. 
March 10, 2020 — Adriana Spragg
SWIMS Galoshes / Overshoes

Take on Winter Confidently with SWIMS Galoshes / Overshoes

At the Hartt Shoe Company, it is our job to bring you the best in men's footwear. To complement our products, we also feel a duty to bring you a curated selection of the best in men's accessories.

Picture this, you’re feeling your best, dressed up in your favorite suit and tie, ready to take on anything the day has to throw at you, are you picturing a pair of clunky winter boots on your feet? We have reached the point in the year where we are compromising our style in hopes to save our favorite pair of dress shoes from a winters distress. With SWIMS Galoshes, there is no need to sacrifice your fashion for functionality.  

November 19, 2019 — Adriana Spragg
Goodyear welted dress shoes

Goodyear Welted Construction: The Makings of a Great Shoe

Hartt prides itself on crafting high-quality, traditional shoes. That’s why we insist on making them with sleek 270 Goodyear welt construction. But, what does that mean exactly? Goodyear welting is probably the most sophisticated, long-lasting and intelligent way of building a shoe ever invented.
October 01, 2019 — Adriana Spragg
hartt brown suede loafers

Men’s Lookbook: How To Wear Loafers?

Loafers are a very attractive choice for people who like to be quickly ready while still looking in style with minimal effort. They are very comfortable, especially during warmer weather. The best thing about loafers is that you can match them with almost any outfit and they are suitable for most occasions. Our loafers can be easily dressed up or down depending on the desired look.
September 10, 2019 — Adriana Spragg
Saphir Shoe Care products

Saphir - The World's finest quality shoe care products.

The Saphir Médaille d'Or shoe care line is considered to be the absolute best in the world. Made in France, the products are carefully crafted in small batches to maintain the award-winning integrity of its origin story. Saphir won the gold medal (Médaille d’Or) in the 1925 Paris International Fair, and the company’s fine leather care products have withstood the test of time.
June 16, 2019 — Adriana Spragg