At the Hartt Shoe Company, it is our job to bring you the best in men's footwear. To complement our products, we also feel a duty to bring you a curated selection of the best in men's accessories. Our SWIMS Galoshes / Overshoes are some of the best.

Picture this, you’re feeling your best, dressed up in your favorite suit and tie, ready to take on anything the day has to throw at you, are you picturing a pair of clunky winter boots on your feet? We have reached the point in the year where we are compromising our style in hopes to save our favorite pair of dress shoes from a winters distress. With SWIMS Galoshes, there is no need to sacrifice your fashion for functionality.  

Care for your Dress Shoes

SWIMS Galoshes/Overshoes are a fashionable and durable solution for protecting your dress shoes in the winter months. SWIMS offer a sleek design with weather resistant materials in order to save your shoes from the rain, slush and snow. Put on your favorite pair of leather shoes as you normally would, slip on your SWIMS over top and you are out the door, no matter what the weather! SWIMS are slim, light and come with their own bag, making them very easy to pack and store away once you’ve reached your destination. 

Why SWIMS galoshes / overshoes work this winter

Your finest dress shoes are most likely leather and/or have a leather sole, meaning there is no water resistance and you’re just asking for trouble wearing them outside in the winter months. SWIMS are made from a natural rubber and have a flocked inner layer, this combination makes for a waterproof outer barrier and a friction free inner layer, so that you can easily slip your SWIMS on and off. You don’t even have to worry about shining your shoes with SWIMS, thanks to the inner flocking layer your shoes are buffed and shined with every use! Though sleek and simple, SWIMS still offer plenty of traction for your winter commutes to work. The special gripping technology on the bottom will surely help save you on the iciest days.  

Stay Stylish with SWIMS

Not only are SWIMS durable and weather resistant, they are modern, stylish and were designed to complement your dress shoes. With four different color options available and even a SWIMS Boot Overshoe, you will surely find a pair that works with you and your style.

How to Style your SWIMS

At Hartt Shoe Company we offer four different stylish colors of SWIMS galoshes that are bound to match with your favorite dress shoes. 

Traditionally Black

  • Traditionally, all galoshes were black, the most timeless of colors. Black SWIMS would be an effortless match with any of your black dress shoes. As for your brown dress shoes, styling black and brown can be risky for some, however in the case of an overshoe, mixing these colors is a relatively safe and stylish move. There is something to be said for the contrast of a brown shoe and black overshoe, or vice versa. The SWIMS boot overshoe is another great option offered in black.

SWIMS Black Galoshes / Overshoes

Stay Classy with Navy

  • Similar to black, navy is very versatile and goes with many colors. The navy galosh is a classy option and would pair well with any of your traditional brown or black dress shoes. 

SWIMS Navy Galoshes / Overshoes

Brilliantly Brown

  • In the world of men’s dress shoes, there are various shades of brown to work with, the brown SWIMS will surely compliment any of your brown dress shoes. Alternatively, your oxblood and black dress shoes would be a nice match for the brown galosh as well. 

Brown SWIMS Galoshes / Overshoes

Have Fun with Orange

  • If you’re looking to have a little fun with your style, the orange SWIMS are definitely a good option for you. Orange, being such a bright and light color, would be most flattering with a deep chocolate brown or black dress shoe.


There is no need to retire your dress shoes this winter, SWIMS will help protect your shoes and save your style! 


How to care for your SWIMS Galoshes/Overshoes

To keep your SWIMS in just as good of shape as your dress shoes, all you need is silicone spray and a sponge. Simply spray your SWIMS, sponge the silicone, and get on the road!


Adriana Spragg