It’s easy to go overboard when matching leather and metal accessories. These two materials are common in shoes, jackets, belts, watches, wallets and more. 

Here are a few tips to help you create a sophisticated-yet-effortless outfit.

Start With Your Shoes

Your shoes are the foundation of any outfit. By deciding on your shoe choice first, it will help guide you in the matching process. If you decide on a pair of Brown York Oxford’s, understand that your accessories should be brown as well. Similarly, if you want to wear a pair of Black Bedford Boot’s, your accessories should be black. Abiding by this rule of thumb will ensure you achieve a streamlined look from head to toe.

Work Your Way Up

Now that you’ve picked your shoes, it’s time to put on your pants and decide on a belt. As mentioned, match your belt according to your leather shoe choice. Additionally, ensure your belt matches the formality of your outfit. Pair a brown leather belt with a pair of Brown Westmorland Derbys to enhance your casual, everyday look. If you decided on a pair of Black Beaverbrook Oxfords, spice up your outfit with a textured black leather belt for fancier occasions. Now that you’ve chosen a belt to match your shoes, your outfit is on the right track.

It’s Time to Match the Metal

Time to pick out a watch! Comparable to matching your leathers in the previous steps, now you’re going to match your metal hardware. With this step, you should complement your watch with your belt buckle. If your belt buckle is silver, opt for a silver watch to match. Perhaps you’re wearing a pair of Brown Brunswick Oxfords and a brown belt with a gold buckle. In this case, choose a watch with gold hardware. If you’re wearing a watch with a leather strap, match it to your outfit accordingly. 

Your Outfit Is Coming Together

You’re almost out the door. Are you trying to decide if you can wear your brown leather jacket with your black leather shoes? Matching your leathers runs from the bottom of your outfit to the top. If you want to achieve the most polished look, we suggest you wear a black leather jacket in this scenario. If not, throw a blazer on instead to mix up the materials. 

Cohesive Clothing Combinations

It’s time for the finishing touches. Many people don’t have variations for everyday items like a wallet, bag/briefcase and glasses. However, when you’re mixing leathers and metals, cohesion is paramount. 

A black leather briefcase would tie your black leather shoes and belt together effortlessly. Brown tortoise shell sunglasses and a brown leather wallet would elevate your brown leather look to the next level. 

Accessories can enhance any outfit while adding a punch of personality. We hope these styling tips help you feel confident in your leather looks, everyday of the week. 

Now that you know the rules, go ahead and fashionably match your leathers and metals!

Adriana Spragg