Loafers are a very attractive choice for people who like to be quickly ready while still looking in style with minimal effort. They are very comfortable, especially during warmer weather. The best thing about loafers is that you can match them with almost any outfit and they are suitable for most occasions. Our loafers can be easily dressed up or down depending on the desired look.

Hartt brown leather loafers

If you own a pair of loafers or are thinking of buying a new pair, here are three tips to help you wear them with style.

1) The Casual Look

First and foremost, be confident in your choice of footwear. The secret to a successful casual look with loafers is to match it with the right casual outfit. Loafers are at home with jeans and a t-shirt, golf shirt or button up. Be sure to anchor the loafers with a matching choice of a belt.

2) The Smart Casual Look

This is probably the hardest look to pull off. Opt for brown loafers. Theoretically, you can wear loafers with any color of your choice if you match them with any outfit with the right color palette. Think brown loafers with light brown trousers and a matching well-fitted blazer. A blazer with a pastel color would look great too. Or if you want, you can forgo the blazer and opt only for a dress shirt or a nice sweater. 

Another important tip to capture this look is to choose well-fitted clothes. Baggy pants and loose sweatshirts should not be on your list!

Chinos are also a great choice for this look as they go hand in hand with loafers. Also, Chinos are the perfect choice for daytime smart-casual events. 

3) The Formal Look

For formal occasions, people traditionally wear dress shoes. But you can still pull this look with loafers! To capture this look, choose either leather loafers in dark colors like black or brown. Match your loafers with a formal suit and you’re good to go. The most important thing to watch out for this look is the length of the trousers, avoid the drag-at-the-heel length and the very high cut leg, as both will not create the formal style you’re after. Loafers also look amazing with a coat and a scarf, so keep this look also in mind!


Common Questions About Loafers

What makes a shoe a loafer?

Loafers are low-cut slip-on shoes with no laces or buckles, originally casual and come in different materials like leather, suede, and exotics. One more characteristic of loafers is that they come with a low heel or no heel.

Can you wear socks with loafers?

Loafers can be worn both with and without socks. Some people choose to wear loafer socks that are not visible and some prefer normal length socks. If you decide to go with normal socks, make sure the colors of the socks match the colors of your outfit for a sleek stylish look.

Are loafers formal?

Loafers are originally casual and have developed to be also suitable for formal settings. The material of the loafer dictates whether it's formal or not with leather and exotics being suitable for formal occasions while suede loafers are more casual.

Are loafers good for walking?

Loafers can be comfortable for walking but it does depend on the construction quality of the loafer. It also depends on the model and brand of the loafer, go for high-quality casual loafers as they are more comfortable for walking. If you are going to be wearing new loafers, it is always a good idea to break them in before going on long walking trips.

Are loafers supposed to be loose?

Yes, loafers are not supposed to be a tight-fitting pair of shoes. They are a comfortable model and usually are a little loose to allow easy slip-on even when wearing socks.

Can you wear loafers in winter?

Yes, you can but you should pair them with socks to stay warm. For a smart look choose a pair of socks with winter patterns and colors.

Adriana Spragg