While Hartt’s leather footwear is built with premium materials and exceptional quality construction methods it’s important to take steps to protect them from natural elements. The winter and spring months can be particularly damaging due to the increased exposure to moisture. Protecting your footwear using the right products and accessories is sure to keep your shoes looking their finest.

We recommend using the following shoe care products and accessories for optimal moisture protection.

Saphir Pate de Luxe

Saphir Pate de luxe wax polish is widely regarded as the finest shoe polish in the world. Its unique blend of natural waxes build a protective layer over the surface of your leather footwear. Regularly applying a coat of Pate de Luxe polish will give your premium dress shoes a bright shine, while offering protection from moisture and scuffs and scrapes. Pate de Luxe is simply a must-have for premium shoe care and is the first step in moisture protection for your leather dress shoes.

Saphir Dubbin/Grease

Another one of Saphir’s premium shoe care products, Dubbin is a fluid conditioning oil based on mink oil. Applying a coat every so often to your premium leather shoes or boots will offer deep hydration to the leather, keeping them soft and supple. Dubbin similarly offers natural sealing properties, protecting your dress shoes and boots from the elements.

Saphir Creme de Luxe

Saphir Creme de Luxe is another fantastic waterproofing shoe care product. It is formulated from beeswax to provide superior polishing and nourishing properties, along with waterproofing. In addition, it contains a high concentration of pigment for recolouring any scratches or marks to the surface of your leather footwear. We recommend using Creme de Luxe as part of your shoe care routine, as it offers premium protection for leather footwear.

Saphir Sole Guard

While caring for the uppers of your leather dress shoes, its key to remember an often forgotten part of your shoes; the soles. Premium dress shoes such as the Director Oxford, feature a beautiful full leather sole which is susceptible to water damage. Saphir Sole guard is a premium product for protecting the soles of your shoes. Applying a coat every few months will prevent moisture and salt from penetrating your soles and protect them from premature wear.

Saphir Salt and Stain Remover

Saphir salt and stain remover is another excellent shoe care product for your winter care routine. Canadian winters can be tough on premium leather shoes as moisture and salt can both damage them and cause unsightly stains. Applying salt and stain remover to any markings or water damage is a fantastic way to restore the finish of your premium leather footwear and prevent further damage.

Cedar Shoe Trees

While shoe trees are great for maintaining the shape of your shoes and boots, they also offer moisture protection. Premium cedar shoe trees are crafted from raw wood, which naturally wicks away moisture from inside your shoes. Inserting a pair of shoe trees after each wear will help protect your leather footwear from any dampness which could be damaging them. Shoe trees are a must-have for protecting and maintaining your leather dress shoes.

SWIMS Galoshes

While applying Saphir’s range of excellent shoe care products will help protect your premium footwear from rain and snow, the best protection comes from galoshes. SWIMS natural rubber galoshes are the perfect choice for winter shoe protection. They offer superior preservation for the leathers of your favourite shoes in a sleek and stylish way. We highly recommend purchasing a pair for the best protection during winter wear. 

Inclement Canadian weather can be damaging to your favourite pair of leather dress shoes or boots. Incorporating a few of Saphir's premium shoe care products in your care routine is a superior way to keep your footwear safe. Caring for your premium leather footwear is the best way to maximize their lifetime, and your investment in them.

Adriana Spragg