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The Saphir Renovateur Medaille d’Or Cleaner and Conditioner is a world-class care product and a must-have for any fine-footwear aficionado. It is Saphir’s most sought after product as it provides for extraordinary cleaning, conditioning, smoothing and polishing. In addition, Saphir Renovateur is an all-natural, mink-oil based product, free of harmful chemicals and synthetics. Your leather shoes will be rejuvenated following the use of Saphir Renovateur.

How to use Saphir Renovateur:

In order to get maximum results from this product, it’s important to use the Saphir Renovateur before any additional polish is applied. Using your Saphir polishing cloth, apply a dab of the product onto your shoe and massage quickly in circular motions. The waxes in the Saphir Renovateur will provide for gentle cleaning, deep conditioning and leave a soft shine. 

Use the Saphir Renovateur between coats of shoe cream/wax for cleaning and conditioning, as well as on its own for routine maintenance. 



    Customer Reviews

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    This is liquid gold for leather. Great stuff

    Jerry Mouchian
    I give Saphir a rating of 5 out of 5, hands down!

    I trust no other products for my leather shoes and any other leather items I own. I've even used Saphir's Renovateur on my leather gloves. It enriches them, makes them supple and will last longer!

    Roberto Santillana
    They get 5 stars from me

    I’m happy to have ordered my Saphir products from Hartt.

    Lukas K.
    Saphir products are truly exceptional.

    I don’t usually write reviews but the Saphir products are truly exceptional. I have been using the Renovateur, shoe cream, and Pâte de Luxe polish so far and they all make it obvious why Saphir products are so highly regarded. I wouldn’t go back to using anything else and have gone out of my way to recommend them to any of my friends that care about their shoes.

    Brian M.

    The cream polishes are easy to apply, have lots of pigment to add colour and cover any small scuffs and make it easy to get to a great shine. Renovateur really keeps the leather hydrated.