Saphir Leather Cleaning Soap

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By Saphir
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The Saphir Leather Cleaning Soap is an excellent product for cleaning leather prior to conditioning and polishing. It is formulated to provide excellent cleaning properties while being gentle on leathers. Saphir Leather Soap removes dirt and polish buildup while opening the pores of the leather. 

  • Milder than Saphir Renomat but stronger than Renovateur
  • Opens leather pores allowing for deeper conditioning
  • 100 ML size
  • Made in France

How to use Saphir Leather Cleaning Soap:

Using an applicator brush, work a small amount of the Saphir Leather Cleaning Soap into a lather with a small amount of water. Apply the suds sparingly to the leather using a circular motion. Wipe the lather off using a clean cotton rag before it dries on and allow the leather to dry for a few minutes after. Finish with your regular conditioning and polishing products.