Saphir Delicate Leather Cream

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By Saphir
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The Saphir Delicate Leather Cream is specially formulated for use on very delicate leathers. It offers cleaning and conditioning in one application, without changing the colour, texture or finish of fine leathers. Saphir Delicate Leather Cream is suitable for very delicate leathers, such as fine smooth leather, Nappa, and box calf leather, including any matte or glossy finishes. 

  • Contains low wax content perfect for delicate leathers
  • Nourishes and revitalizes leather
  • Comes with a cotton chamois for application
  • 50 ML Size
  • Made in France

How to use Saphir Delicate Leather Cream:

Be sure to brush off surface dust and dirt and be certain the item is dry before applying the Saphir Delicate Cream with the provided soft chamois. Use an edge of the chamois to pick up the cream from the jar and rub gently across the leather. The formula will clean and condition so simply allow it to dry away from heat sources after treatment.