Saphir Renovateur

By Saphir

The Saphir Renovateur Medaille d’Or Cleaner and Conditioner is a world-class care product and a must-have for any fine-footwear aficionado. It is Saphir’s most sought after product as it provides for extraordinary cleaning, conditioning, smoothing and polishing. In addition, Saphir Renovateur is an all-natural, mink-oil based product, free of harmful chemicals and synthetics. Your leather shoes will be rejuvenated following the use of Saphir Renovateur.

How to use Saphir Renovateur:

In order to get maximum results from this product, it’s important to use the Saphir Renovateur before any additional polish is applied. Using your Saphir polishing cloth, apply a dab of the product onto your shoe and massage quickly in circular motions. The waxes in the Saphir Renovateur will provide for gentle cleaning, deep conditioning and leave a soft shine. 

Use the Saphir Renovateur between coats of shoe cream/wax for cleaning and conditioning, as well as on its own for routine maintenance. 



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