Saphir Foam Cleaner

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Revitalize Your Footwear with Saphir's Advanced Foam Cleaner

Saphir, the leader in premium shoe care, presents the Foam Cleaner, a versatile and powerful cleaning solution for all types of footwear. This innovative cleaner is designed to tackle a wide range of dirt and stains, including silicones and resins, without altering the natural characteristics of leather or textile materials.

The Foam Cleaner's unique formula ensures that your shoes retain their original appearance and shine, preserving their color and texture. Developed in collaboration with renowned footwear brands, this cleaner provides both surface and deep cleaning, effectively rejuvenating your shoes.

Formulated with ecological anionic surfactants, the Foam Cleaner is environmentally friendly and safe, free from any hazardous classifications. This also allows for hassle-free airmail shipping, with no need for special procedures or declarations.

Suitable for a wide array of materials, including smooth leather, suede, nappa, nubuck, all textiles, microfibers, stretch, and crepe, the Foam Cleaner is a universal solution for your shoe care needs. Its easy-to-use application process involves brushing, shaking, applying the foam, and then brushing again to remove absorbed dirt. For optimal results, a 12-hour drying period is recommended.

The Foam Cleaner's gentle yet effective formula maintains the softness and original feel of your footwear. For best results, use it with the Saphir Médaille D’or Medium Horse Hair Brush, ensuring the brush is clean for each application to avoid transferring dirt. After cleaning, consider applying Saphir Médaille D’or products and the Saphir Protector for future protection against water, stains, mud, and dust.