Saphir Wax Box - Large

$ 58.95 CAD
By Saphir

Saphir Wax Box - Large: Convenient Shoe Care Kit

Elevate your shoe maintenance routine with the Saphir Wax Box - Large, the quintessential shoe care kit. This expertly curated set is housed in a sleek laminated cardboard box, perfect for the discerning individual seeking comprehensive shoe care solutions. Included are a plush cotton Saphir cloth for delicate cleaning and polishing, a small buffing brush for a gleaming finish, and a precision spreader brush for even cream application. Complete with two Saphir Shoe Cream Surfine colors, black 01 and neutral 02, this kit is the all-in-one solution to ensure your leather shoes remain impeccable


  • Cardboard Storage Box with Removable Lid
  • Beechwood Spreading Brush: Light bristles
  • Beechwood Polishing Brush: Light bristles
  • One Saphir Rectangle Cotton Cloth
  • 50ml Crème Surfine Black 01
  • 50ml Crème Surgine Neutral 02
  • 50ml Rénovateur tube