Brewer's Boot - Copper

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All dress boots come with a pair of Hartt premium cedar shoe trees included.

The Brewer's Boot is a rough & tumble all-season boot that doesn’t compromise on function or style. The name was inspired by the craft brew movement, full of style, grit and spirit.

This boot is handcrafted using some of the finest European leathers and 270 degree Goodyear-welt construction. They are fully resoleable, and feature full grain leather calfskin lining.

The copper pull-up leather is a full-grain aniline leather that changes its colour and texture with every move. Each time the boot is scuffed, creased, this unique leather will change, leaving you with a beautiful patina that will evolve as you do. If you would like to reset the appearance of the leather, simply apply a leather conditioner and it will look almost new again.


  • Premium pull-up leather
  • Premium full-grain calfskin lining
  • Premium silk lined dust bags
  • Full Rubber Sole
  • 270 degree Goodyear welt construction
  • Resoleable
  • Designed in Canada
  • Handmade in Spain
  • US sizing

Customer Reviews

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Still my favourite

These were my first pair of quality leather boots, and I've worn them for a year now. The break-in seemed like nothing for me, comfortable out of the box, and they got more comfortable over time. The fit is a little on the roomy size, so dropping to an US8.5 from my Brannock size 9 gave me a perfect fit with room for all but the chunkiest socks.

They've been a great everyday walking boot, especially for days when I'm going to be on my feet all day, with support in all of the right places. I've worn them in professional environs, to the other half's fancy steampunk themed holiday party, and dressed them up in various ways. I've also worn them on trails in Jasper, on warmer (wetter) Alberta winter days, scything weeds, riding horses and engaging in archaeological shenanigans. My cat has even thrown up on them. The leather just keeps getting more and more gorgeous. The pull-up leather does tend to show scuffs, and initially it alarmed me a little because I had never owned anything quite like these before, but if you just rub it with your thumb it blends back in, and develops all sorts of character. And for some of the grosser stuff that's happened to them (looking at my cat right now who is looking back as if she has done nothing wrong), a little work with a horsehair brush, some saddle soap, and an occasional conditioning (Saphir Renovateur definitely gets the best results) gets them ready for fancier stuff again.

Great everyday boots

I have had these since August, and have been wearing them heavily (but making sure to give them time to dry out), and they are holding up very well. I have worn them in the rain, in the snow, in the city, and scything weeds.

I'm a US 9 on a Brannock device, but perhaps a bit narrow, so an 8.5 fit me perfectly as these seem to fit roomy in the toes for their size.

In real world conditions, these boots are typically lighter than pictured here: this is consistent with their "freshly conditioned" look. They lighten readily over time and wear as the "pull up" effect shows through, readily taking on the patinated look. But scuffs and the like blend away with a little rubbing with one's thumb, and a bit of regular conditioning gives them a lovely glow.

The construction of these boots is impeccable, though they appear to use a 360 degree Goodyear welt rather than the 270 degree one described (which is definitely not a complaint). The leather is thick but pliable. Break-in was entirely painless, and they just keep getting more comfortable the more I wear them. I particularly like the Vibram sole, which provides a good grip under everyday conditions, and a great springiness to them, and it's easy to wear them all day.

A lovely and extremely wearable boot

Okay. So these things are sharp, but first and foremost, they're comfortable. The break-in was extremely easy. I just laced them up snug and wore them around the house for a bit, and I've had no blisters or sore spots. I've worn them a little dressy, I've worn them walking, and I've worn them getting dirty, and they're this delightful combination of comfortable and tough. And at the end of the day, a little saddle soap takes off whatever crud I accumulate and they're back to looking sharp. I haven't tested them in snow, but the soles certainly have a friendly grip on concrete and more natural surfaces, and it's easy to be on my feet for long periods. I also love that the speed hooks go all of the way down the ankle, which makes them a lot easier to put on and take off than a lot of similar boots.

They do fit a little large. I'm a Brannock 9 but a bit low-volume and an 8.5 fit perfect, even with thicker socks.

Mine are typically a bit lighter than the pictures on the website: that's more consistent their freshly conditioned look in my experience. But "copper" is certainly an accurate descriptor given that mine usually have the colour of a somewhat worn penny. The texture of the pull-up leather is delightfully soft even with its thickness, and it actually looks better after a few days of scything weeds, with a lot of marks and scratches basically buffing out by rubbing with my thumb.

There might be cheaper options, but these are worth every penny.

Marc Calabretta
They look incredible!

I didn't know anything about Hartt Shoe Co. when I stumbled across their website in search of a beautiful pair of good quality boots. The Brewers Boot I ordered was exactly the type of matte-finished leather I was looking for. The contours, the shape, the detailing, they look incredible! The boots arrived in gorgeous packaging; silk bags and ample care instructions accompanied the securely wrapped boots. The colour of the leather was very true to the pictures and the construction of the boot appears impeccable. They also smell incredible. The boots fit true to size (US12) and are extremely comfortable. The sole has a wonderful bounciness to it that is also firm and sturdy. There has been a moderate break-in period, which has been easy enough to overcome with shoe trees, proper socks, and a couple of well-placed bandaids. After a few light wears, I used the Saphir Renovateur to rejuvenate the leather. Light marks on the boots vanished almost instantly, while also making the developing patina shine gorgeously. I can't wait to see how the look of these boots develop over time as a result. All in all, so far so great with my Brewers Boots and care products from Hartt!