Saphir Oiled Leather Cream

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The Saphir Medaille D'or Oiled Leather Cream is specifically designed to provide deep conditioning and protection to oiled leather. It is formulated with a blend of neatsfoot oil, apricot oil, and beeswax to thoroughly penetrate leathers and restore the finish of smooth and oiled leathers. The tinted varieties recolour leather and repair scuffs and scratches. 

  • Conditions and recolours smooth and oiled leathers
  • Formulated from neatsfoot and apricot oils
  • Excellent for shoes, clothing and saddlery
  • Made in France

How to use Saphir Oiled Leather Cream:

  1. Ensure all dirt and dust is removed from the leather. Buff the leather with a brush. For a more in-depth clean, use Saphir Cleaning Lotion or Saphir  Reno’mat Leather Cleaner.
  2. Apply Oiled Leather Cream sparingly with a polish cloth in a small circular motion and leave for at least one hour to allow it to penetrate.
  3. For shoes, use the Saphir Pommadier Brush to reach the welt seams and maximize the nourishment and protection of this delicate area.
  4. Polish with Saphir Polishing Brush finishing with a polish cloth or polishing glove.